Having Fun. Planning Travel. Taking Care of all the Details

Having fun helping my friends and family plan their travel. I'm specializing in Cruises, New York City, Alaska, Arts and Culture Travel, and Group Tours, but I'm able to help you with your travel plans no matter where you are going or how you plan to get there. It's like having a personal assistant handle all of the details for you and a best friend to chat with about the fun parts of dreaming about your next adventure.

I'll handle every detail for you, from the time you leave your front door, to the time you return home. Do you wonder which Park and Ride Shuttle is the most reliable at the airport? Is travel insurance worth it for this trip? Where are the quietest staterooms on the cruise ship? Which hotels are closest to all of the action? Is there a special restaurant in the town you're visiting that you simply cannot miss? 

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